Hymnal Work

Hymnal Work Hymnal Work Hymnal Work Hymnal Work

It is when the hymnal or the pre-established hymnals, accordingly to the date, are sang. If it is an official date (Saint Days), the white garb is worn, if not, the blue one is worn. The only blue-garb official work is in the day of the dead. The danced works are accompanied by the rhythm of the maracas and of the musical instruments. Normally in these occasions the consecration has a division of 30 by 30 hymns accordingly to the division of the hymnal. In the hymnal work, the attention to the hymns is fundamental because it is through them that the spiritual teachings happen.

Concentration Work

Concentration Work of Santo Daime Concentration Work of Santo Daime

In this work, the main objective is the silence, through it we can listen to the internal light that is God in us. In this occasion, the blue garb is worn. In the opening the Santo Daime is consecrated and the concentration hymns are sung, so with this, the necessary spiritual force is called. After that the sacrament is taken again and the concentration starts. After one hour and forty minutes of concentration, the sacrament is drunk one more time and the Master Irineu’s Cruzeirinho or another short hymnal is sung according to the situation, for the closure.


Baptism Baptism It is the sign that each individual receives so as to be recognized as a son of God.



It is the affirmation and confirmation of the Baptism.



It is the recognition of the human mistakes before God and the formal request of forgiveness in relation to that fact.

Holy Communion

Holy Communion Holy Communion

It is the act of consecrating the Santo Daime.


Wedding Wedding Wedding

It is the union of the man and the woman before God in a compromise of sealing the pact of the family in order to perpetuate the human race harmonically..

Fardamento (Santo Daime Garb Ceremony)

Fardamento (Santo Daime Garb Ceremony) Fardamento (Santo Daime Garb Ceremony) Fardamento (Santo Daime Garb Ceremony)

It is the commitment the Daimista takes in the sense of taking the light of the Doctrine to the world.


Missa do Santo Daime

It is the ritual in which through some specific chants called the mass, the soul of an individual is sent to God. In this ritual, everything received in the material life is thanked and at the same time, forgiveness is asked for all our obscure actions. In this ritual we ask God for a good place for that soul that leaves this material world.

The Path

The Path The Path The Path

Placed between São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte, the Céu do Gamarra Church is in Baependi in the south of Minas Gerais, Brazil

2015 Calendar

Céu do Gamarra

Dia/Mês Trabalho Hinário Horário Farda
15/Fev Carnaval - Trabalho de Cura Hinário de Cura 19:00 Azul
28/Fev Concentração Hinário de Concentração 19:00 Azul
14/Mar São José Pad. Alfredo 1 ao 99 19:00 Branca
02/Abr Feitio quinta-feira Santa O menino Jesus 16:00 Azul
03/Abr Feitio sexta-feira Santa O Mensageiro 14:30 Azul
04/Abr Feitio sábado de aleluia A Arca de Noé 16:00 Azul
05/Abr Domingo de Páscoa Festa do coelhinho_ 14:00 ---
18/Abr Hinário Hinos de Cura 19:00 Azul
06/Mai Dia das mães/quarta-feira Coletânia de hinos 19:30 Azul
16/Mai Concentração Hinário de concentração 19:00 Azul
30/Mai Aniv. do Patrono da Igreja Vós Sois Baliza 19:00 Branca
13/Jun Santo Antônio Império do Sol + Império da Lua 11:00 Branca
20/Jun São João + Aniv. Mad. Rita O Cruzeiro + Lua Branca 18:30 Branca
27/Jun São Pedro e São Paulo 1ª parte O Justiceiro 18:30 Branca
04/Jul Passagem do Mestre Missa + 2ª parte O Justiceiro 18:30 Azul

- Missa toda primeira segunda-feira do mês
- Concentrações todos dias 15 e 30 do mês 19:00 farda azul
- Aniversário do Céu do Cruzeiro de Luz - dia 23 de maio - Império do Sol e da Lua 19:00 farda azul